How Follow Up, Referrals and Technology Help Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses ensure that businesses and consumers can successfully operate day to day. From carpet cleaning, to landscaping, to veterinarian services, construction, these local businesses need as much help as they can get to grow and server their customers. EverCommerce, has the solutions and strategies to help.

Three ways service-based businesses can keep growing their businesses is by attract new customers with digital advertising, constantly enhancing customer loyalty, and streamline operations.

A recent discussion on “The Rundown with Ramon,” Matt Feierstein, President at EverCommerce, shared strategies for service-based businesses aiming to thrive in a digital-first economy. Let’s explore some of the strategies Matt discussed, emphasizing customer acquisition, referral maximization, and effective follow-up practices.

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What Are Service-Based Businesses? 

Service-based businesses primarily offer intangible products, such as expertise, labor, or other services, instead of physical goods. These businesses operate across various industries such as healthcare, IT services, beauty, maintenance, and much more. 

One of the characteristics of service-based businesses is their dependency on human capital to generate revenue. Whether a plumber fixes leaks or a digital marketer crafts campaigns, the business’s value lies in the professional skills and personal interactions of its workforce.

These businesses typically face unique challenges such as managing customer relationships, ensuring service quality, and maintaining a skilled workforce. Service providers must excel in customer engagement and satisfaction as their offerings are often personalized and directly consumed. This customer-focused nature makes managing reputation and service delivery crucial for success.

Acquiring New Customers through Digital Innovation

Matt Feierstein stressed the importance of leveraging digital marketing and advertising to help service-based businesses acquire new customers. EverCommerce‘s app enables businesses to integrate digital marketing efforts seamlessly into their existing systems.

This integration facilitates efficient lead management and conversion processes, helping businesses track return on investment more effectively than traditional advertising methods. By adopting digital strategies, service providers can reach a broader audience, tailor their marketing efforts based on data-driven insights, and improve their visibility in a competitive market.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty through Effective Referral Programs

Referrals from Existing Customers are Important for service businesses.Matt Feirstein, EverCommerce

Referrals are an invaluable asset for service-based businesses, often driving high-quality leads at a lower cost than other marketing strategies.

Matt highlighted how creating memorable customer experiences is crucial for encouraging customers to become brand advocates. 

EverCommerce’s customer engagement tools allow businesses to communicate consistently with their clients, offering reminders for upcoming services and reaching out during special occasions. This proactive engagement ensures customers feel valued and are more likely to recommend the service to others. 

Tools that facilitate easy scheduling, reminders, and personalized interactions can transform satisfied customers into active promoters, enhancing the business’s reputation and reach.

EverCommerce focuses on three key areas: automating manual processes, generating new business, and creating more loyal customers. 

Automating manual processes allows businesses to operate more efficiently.

Automating manual processes allows businesses to operate more efficiently.Matt Feierstein, EverCommerce

Generating new business involves strategies like lead generation campaigns and enhancing digital presence through website capabilities and content creation, all of which are services EverCommerce provides. Furthermore, by engaging regularly with customers, businesses ensure repeat interactions and prevent them from turning to competitors, fostering customer loyalty.

The EverCommerce Small Business Week Survey showed that customer referrals were the top source of sales for service-based businesses

What’s most impactful for your business? 70% – Referrals from existing customers. 57% – Social media. 39% – Online searchEverCommerce Survey

Streamlining Follow-Ups to Convert Leads into Customers

Following up with potential customers is a critical step in the conversion process, yet many businesses often overlook it or inadequately manage it. EverCommerce’s suite of automation tools simplifies this process, ensuring that businesses can effectively communicate with leads without manual effort. 

Automated follow-ups, scheduling tools, and reminders help businesses appear more professional and attentive, significantly increasing the chances of converting inquiries into loyal customers. Effective follow-up practices demonstrate a business’s commitment to customer service and can distinguish it from competitors.

I looked on Google to find a carpet cleaner for my home. He came and did a great job. A few months later, I got a reminder to hire them again to clean my carpet. They had technology that helped them remind me that it was time for a carpet cleaning service. As a result, they secured another service appointment from me.

The cost of getting a new customer is much higher than getting an existing customer to hire you again.

Leveraging Technology for Business Efficiency

You can’t use generic software to automate technology for service-based businesses, EverCommerce was specifically made for service based businesses.Matt Feirstein, EverCommerce

Matt also emphasized that adopting technology is not just about attracting new customers but also about enhancing operational efficiency. EverCommerce offers solutions that automate manual processes, such as scheduling and payments, allowing businesses to focus more on service delivery and less on administrative tasks. This efficiency can lead to cost savings and improved service quality, improving customer experiences and higher retention rates.

You can also purchase leads from EverCommerce and integrate them directly into a business’s management software, eliminating the need to connect two different systems. By doing so, you can have lead generation campaigns and new leads flow directly into their CRM upon waking up. 

This technology allows you to continue the sales process and convert these leads into new customers. Emphasizing the importance of digital integration as part of a rigorous new customer acquisition strategy is crucial for service-based businesses moving forward.

Getting New Customers Is a Challenge, Use Technology to Streamline Your BusinessMatt Feirstein, EverCommerce


The discussion between Ramon Ray and Matt Feierstein underscored the significance of integrating digital tools and automated solutions for service-based businesses.

By focusing on customer acquisition, referral programs, and implementing effective follow-up strategies, businesses can not only survive but also thrive in today’s digital-first marketplace. 

EverCommerce is as a partner for service-based businesses. It provides the tools and technologies necessary for service providers to expand their reach, enhance their operational efficiencies, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth.

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